One to One

One to One Yoga Classes and Therapy Sessions

Individual sessions can be arranged for those looking for either a therapeutic practice or just a tailor made practice to do at home.  Yoga is hugely beneficial not only for strength and flexibility but also for bringing balance to the body (physically and mentally), improving posture, teaching people to breathe properly and generally improving the immune system.  It can be invaluable for a multitude of different things, including emotional issues such as depression or stress, autoimmune diseases and psychosomatic illnesses (physical diseases caused or made worse by mental factors) such as eczema, heart disease, high blood pressure, psoriasis, crohns disease and many many more.  It can also be hugely beneficial on several different levels to people diagnosed with cancer.

There is a mental aspect to every physical disease.  Physical limitations ranging from a bad back to osteoporosis can both be caused and have an effect on the mental state.  Yoga can not only help improve the physical body but also get at some of the root causes and the emotional stresses of the problem.

A one hour session costs £45 during the daytime or £60 after a 5.30pm start or at weekends.

Email or telephone to arrange.

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