“I have been going to Miranda’s classes for just over two years now, since I moved into the area. I feel I was so very lucky to find Miranda at my first attempt to find a local yoga teacher. She is a very sympathetic teacher who takes an interest in all her pupils. Her lessons are never dull, since she puts so much effort into designing each one. She ensures that there is a good warm up period before doing any more demanding poses and each class is different in its focus. Her relaxation visualisations were a revelation to me, since I hadn’t encountered anything quite like them from other teachers. At the same time she is not afraid to adapt her plans if they don’t seem to be what the class needs on a given day. She has broadened my experience of yoga and encouraged me to explore it myself through home practice. If for any reason I cannot attend one of her classes there is always a sense of loss.” Guy Moody

“I really love Miranda’s yoga classes; I have had many different yoga teachers over the years but Miranda is by far the best. I like how she will focus on a particular area of the body for a session; uncannily it is always am area I need to work on! She is very calm patient, explains the positions well and, most importantly, will always check that you are in the correct position. When I have had an injury (makes me sound accident prone I know but I have had an issue with my ankle, shoulder and wrist over the years!!) Miranda always takes care to tailor the positions to enable me to do them. I couldn’t recommend her classes highly enough.” Miranda Holland

“I used to think that yoga was a load of nonsense and something that hippies used to do, but after taking it up 18 months ago with Miranda it has been a completely life changing experience.  Before I started doing yoga I used to smoke and drink quite a lot and I didn’t do much exercise because I used to suffer with quite a bit of back pain after a paragliding accident that I had many years ago.  After doing yoga for a few months I decided to try quitting smoking once again by using yoga and meditation every time I felt the urge to smoke and it worked.  I also found that by doing yoga regularly I do not suffer with any back problems any more and am a lot more supple than I used to be.  As a consequence of that I am now training for the Brecon triathlon.  It’s also been helpful as I used to have trouble getting to sleep at night and I found that by doing the meditation I was able to get off to sleep a lot easier  Thank you Miranda.”  Mark Pearson

“No class is ever the same.  Miranda constantly reinvents sequences.  Lessons are perfectly pitched so that everyone can benefit and work to their own ability.  The relaxation are wonderful; one is often transported several worlds away.  I find the classes very uplifting.  The positive affirmations that we often make work miracles…I have even given up smoking.  “I am a non smoker”! Vicks Penn http://www.five-ways.net/

“Have been going to Miranda Yoga for about a year now.  Never thought I would be hooked, but Bloga classes have been a revelation and changed my  life.  My lower back, which was ready for the surgeon’s knife is so much better, I can relax again without constant pain.  Miranda’s teaching is superb, taking into consideration all my issues.  Can’t miss my Wed night now!” Martin Cray

“I have been attending Miranda’s classes for the last five years and think I am very lucky to have found such a brilliant teacher – her classes are always different, interesting and challenging and the warmth and joie de vivre she brings to teaching is an inspiration.  Long may she continue – my week is not the same if I cannot get to her class!” Diana White

“I have been to lots of different yoga teachers and classes over the years and I have to say that I have found Miranda’s style of teaching and practice the best for me.  Every lesson focuses on different parts of the body so we do not have to repeat the same sequences each week which keeps things fresh.  I went to her classes whilst pregnant and now again whilst trying to get my body and core strength back.  I feel balanced, refreshed and strong as a result of the class and definitely miss it when I can’t go.  The classes are an integral part of my physical and mental health.” Nanette Hepburn http://www.hepburnphotography.co.uk/

“I find Miranda’s classes very uplifting.  You really feel she plans her classes meticulously, each one is different and completely coherent.  She is very clear in her instructions and adjustments.  But she also manages to combine this rigour with a very warm personality.  I always leave her classes feeling serene and recharged!”  Guy Baring, Bacton, Herefordshire

“I came across Miranda’s classes by chance having done Iyengar yoga for many years and instantly became addicted.  Her classes are always original and informative and although often challenging, extremely rewarding both physically and mentally.  She has been a wonderful support and guide throughout my own teacher training course and I continue to find her classes inspiring and of enormous benefit in every way.  Sophia Neill www.blackmountainsbarns.co.uk

“Miranda has a way of delivering her yoga classes that sends you home feeling stretched and peaceful.  I like the fact that Miranda is confidently able to gaze around the room and correct posture in a second and aspects such as timing and breath finally come together under her expert tuition.  I wish I could find the time to come more often as these classes make me feel like I am giving myself a present.  Please can we have an evening class again!  Amanda Rainer www.wyldwoodwillow.co.uk

“As professional full-time riders with 25 horses to look after, it is really important that we take care of our muscles and stretch as often as possible.  Yoga with Miranda provides an invaluable weekly part of keeping us in good working condition for our job and is able to get to the bottom of niggling pains from old injuries and poor posture.”  Rupert and Emma Humphreys  http://www.castlefarmusk.com/  http://ruperthumphreys.co.uk/

“I love Miranda’s approach to yoga.  Really well-planned classes that are both stretching and relaxing.  I learn something new each week.  And outdoor yoga overlooking the Monmouthshire hills is a special treat.”  Lynne Coulthard

“A knowledgeable, patient and inspiring teacher with a real passion for yoga.  Certainly the best that I have found in the UK.”  Wendy

“Miranda’s classes are laid back and relaxed and awaken and stretch muscles you forgot you had. Yoga is wonderful for showing up seldom-used parts of the body (thanks to our sedentary way of life) and for teaching gentle ways to rediscover them. I often start a class with aches and pains and finish without them! Also -very important – Miranda is really good at reminding us how not to damage ourselves in unfamiliar positions. And I love the curtains! Teona Dorrien-Smith http://www.upperredhouse.co.uk/Home.html

“I love going to Miranda’s classes. They are small and supportive and we get to look out over beautiful countryside while doing asanas – calming, relaxing, invigorating, inspiring – all in one!” Valerie Walkerdine

“Miranda’s expertise in the field of yoga shines through in an ability to teach exercises to those with little or no prior knowledge of the art, of whom I am one. By the end of her class one not only feels well stretched and relaxed, but also  rather clever! I have learned so much from Miranda’s classes – mainly, to remember to breathe!  I have just finished a year of  a ‘once a week’ class and would be terribly upset if they were to end – I might stop breathing!” Liz  Harvey

“I really look forward to your lessons and am expecting them to be very helpful in getting me back on my feet after having breast cancer surgery and whilst I am on chemo.  As soon as I know the dates of my treatment I shall book myself in.  You are an excellent teacher and very understanding, and the classes are always enjoyable.” Alison Cooper www.alisoncooper.co.uk

“Miranda’s classes are so thoughtfully prepared and cover many different aspects – always interesting. As a gardener, I found my wrists stronger and knees and hips more flexible after just a few months – such an improvement!” Rosie Humphreys (63)
“I started yoga for the first time when I joined your Bloga class nearly two years ago.  My main objective initially in attending was to help keep myself free from muscular injury as far as possible in the context of everyday living and other sports activites such as tennis.  Particularly lower back where I do get occasional problems and also right shoulder where I had rotator cuff surgery following a tendon injury several years ago.  Whilst benefiting physically from the stretching exercises, I have found my core strength has increased and my posture has improved, increasingly I am also benefiting mentally from the relaxation and stress release that yoga provides.”  Chris Hayes

“As a yoga novice, I have been made to feel enormously at ease, and found that I could actually do some of the stuff Miranda blithely throws at us.  It surprises me that some of the contortions are actually possible for someone who has arrived so ‘late in the day’ .  I wish I could stay conscious for the relaxation bit at the end (actually I don’t – it’s brilliant!).  Alastair Mitchell http://www.uskvets.co.uk/

“I started going to Miranda’s nurturing class as soon after I had my hip replacement operation as seemed safe. Since then I have tried to be there every week and it has helped me enormously. The exercises are always made to fit our particular problems in that class, and I quite genuinely feel that without Tuesday mornings I should probably have seized up.” Judy Kenchington

“Yoga with Miranda is always a pleasure, but in the late spring and summer it is truly wonderful; an absolute feast for all the senses.  When the sun shines Miranda teaches in the garden; the glorious countryside, the smells, the birdsong – it really is heaven and to bliss us out totally, Miranda guides us through a meditation using nature as her inspiration. I cannot recommend the experience enough! Jo Bolwell

“I would like to say how much your lessons have helped in improving a painful sciatic nerve, and also in improving my flexibility.  Have just come back from skiing and the difference this year has been quite noticeable! I do enjoy the way you teach us, and I come away from your lessons invigorated and restored.  Thank you for all your help.  I greatly appreciate it.” Pamela Tribe

“I have been attending Miranda’s classes for almost two years and I am really benefitting from her extensive knowledge and flair for teaching.  I love Miranda’s  explanations of anatomy in yoga postures which help so much in getting the most out of my practice.  I have trouble relaxing my mind and body but have found that since joining Miranda’s classes that I am becoming more focused not only on my breathing and physical alignment but on letting go of my mind and body tension too, so my overall outlook on life is so much more rosy! Thanks Miranda” Suzie Sweeney

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